executive board


KristeN brom

Hometown: frisco, texas

major: marketing with a professional sales concentration

classification: senior

about: Kristen will be representing Texas state on the professional selling role play team at the international collegiate sales in november!

vice president of operations

Skyler Osborne

hometown: Seguin, texas

Major: Healthcare administration

classification: senior

about: Skylar Studied abroad in spain last summer and fell in love with the culture! she wants to live there one day!

vice president of membership and experience 

Emily Ulsh

Hometown: Friendswood, texAS

Major: finance

Classification: SOPHOMORE

about: emily's favorite food is any kind of sushi!

Vice President of member development

Abby Briers

hometown: sugar land, texas

major: psychology

classification: junior

About: abby is double jointed in her thumb!

Vice President of recruitment and marketing 

Michelle Khajeh

hometown: katy, texas

Major: accounting and marketing

Classification: Junior

about: michelle loves to sky dive and she is also a bumble ambassador!

Vice President  of event management

Bailey Cook

hometown: Mansfield, texas

Major: elementary education 

classification: sophomore

About: Bailey is the only red head in her family! 

Vice President of panhellenic


Alexis Mckinney

hometown: lewisville, texas

major: Family & Child development

classification: Junior

ABout: alexis has visited 13 countries!

vice president of finance 

Savanna Moses

hometown: austin, texas

Major: marketing

Classification: Junior

about: savannah has a fat cat named Charlie who is currently on a diet.