chapter officers

Recording Secretary: Skyler Osborne

Historian: Taylor Mayo

New Member Coordinator: Chandler Davis

New Member Coordinator Assistant: Skylar Crawford

Leadership Chair: Emma Jeffers

Guards: Cynthia Bryant, Maren Mullaley, and Sydney Walker

Sisterhood Chairs: Anna Martin and Lynda Brock

Finance Assistant: Olivia Rangel

Property Manager: Emily Ulsh

Chapter Building Propterty Manager: Jessica Healey

Merchandise Chairs: Callie Smith and Katherine McManigle

Formal Recruitment Chair: Nicole Aubele

Recruitment Information Manager: Cynthia Bryant

COR Chair: Catherine Brocato

Bid Day Chairs: Courtney Goehring and Emily McGuire

Alumnae Relations Chairs: Devri Cotton and Emily Ulsh

Public Relations Chair: Anna Buckalew

Social Media Chair: Olivia Carr

Art Director: Brittany Helford

Junior Panhellenic Delegate: Janelle Chapa

Chaplain: Bailey Mikeska

Spirit Chair: Jessica Healey

Health and Wellness Chairs: Isabel Vinson and Lauren Bassett

Special Events Chairs: Carrington Cooper and Catherine Brocato

Homecoming and Greek Challenge Chair: Jenna Grant

Music Chair: Faith Courtney

Philanthropy Chair: Kailin Kennedy

Philanthropy Chair Assistant: Bailey Cook

Community Service Chair: Emma Cote

Patriotic Chair: Bailey Cook