Greek Unity

By: Marissa Martinez

Sisterhood is everything. Your sisters are your forever, the girls that view your flaws as perfection. Alpha Delta Pi has been a home away from home: cliché, but true. My sorority values and sisters have been tattooed on my heart. I have never found a group of stronger, more beautiful and intelligent women that uplift my soul. Greek life has introduced me to my gorgeous sisterhood, but it has also allowed me to find divine friendships within other sororities.

I will be forever grateful to Delta Zeta for introducing me too the outgoing redhead, Nina Monzon. She has seen me at my worst and best, accepting every crazy piece of me. We had two different but amazing sisterhoods that brought us together through Greek Life. I would be lost without this girl. We did everything together, from eating at Jones Dining Center together to begging her for rides because I had no car. She kept me sane.

Having both lived in Jackson Hall, Nina’s room holds endless memories of getting ready for social events and complaining about the numerous college assignments. It used to take a walk to down the all to see her but now we are miles apart. Nina lives in Kansas City, Missouri. It has been weird not running into her room when we had drama that needed to be discussed. It has been weird not seeing her, so I did what any other broke college girl in desperation for her best friend… booked a plane ticket to Kansas City, Missouri.

We talked for hours and sat quietly for hours, enjoying each other companies. Nina even took the time out of her day to make a Powerpoint that included each day’s fun activities. I experienced every "touristy" thing to do in Missouri. It was a struggle to find people to take our pictures. It was not a struggle to grow to love Missouri.

If it wasn't for ADPi and the connection between chapters here at Texas State University, I would never have met my best friend, much less experience her home town. Do not be scared of opening yourself up beyond your sisterhood. Do not be afraid to find a best friend in another sorority. Nina and I may be apart again, but our friendship is never separated through the strength of greek unity.

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