Home Sweet Home

As members of Alpha Delta Pi, we all came from different backgrounds and joined an organization in hopes to find something that resembled the friends and family we left hundreds of miles away. Whether we are seniors about to graduate or freshman finishing up our first year in college, we have all found a home in ADPi. Here are three reasons why joining Alpha Delta Pi was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

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It's more than a "Just a Sorority"

Remembering that there is purpose behind joining this organization is what connects us all; That in reality we make life long friends through serving and bettering those around us. "ADPi has not only given me life long friends but has also taught me that life is so much more fulfilling if you are giving back to others," Jennie Pyle, a graduating senior, said. "I enjoyed the years of volunteer work and fundraising I got to do for the Ronald McDonald

House Charities and the community of San Marcos."

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It's the Home Away from Home

Leaving home for the first time can be very intimidating and unknown. There is something so comforting about walking on a college campus for the first time and already seeing tons of familiar faces. "Being an ADPi has helped me find my place and feeling of home in this big new stage of life we call college," Kasey Fishbaugh, a freshman member, said."The girls I've met have literally helped complete me and have shown me what friends for life look like. I wouldn't change my time so far in ADPi for anything"

It's not just Four Years

The connections and friendships we make in ADPi last longer than our time in college.

"Alpha Delta Pi is not just four years. As time goes on and priorities in life change, my sisters continue to play a huge role in my life," Greer Del Rio, an Epsilon Zeta chapter advisor, said. "My sisters stood by my side as I said “I do”. They were there to shower me with blessings in preparations the arrival of my daughter. They were some of the first ones I turned to for a shoulder to cry on when my dad passed away. Without my sisters, my life would be incomplete."

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