Recruitment Survival Tips from ADPI

Recruitment can be an intimidating time for a lot of girls because it is new and most don’t know what to expect, but the ladies of ADPI are here to help you out with a couple survival tips!

Pack a Bag- Bring a blanket, jacket, pillow or whatever makes you feel cozy. The ballroom will be your home base with your recruitment groups and is notorious for being a little on the chilly side so trust us-you will want the extra warmth. Also bring a form of entertainment (non electronic) such as adult coloring books, a good read, or some playing cards that will give you the chance to bond with the girls in your recruitment group as they potentially will become lifelong friends or even your new sisters!

Be Open- Be open to new friends, be open to new houses, and be open to the process. We are sure y'all have all heard the time old tale of “trust the process,” but it is honestly so true. Every day of recruitment will be full of new experiences that will make it easier to decide where you really feel at home, and could see yourself making lasting relationships with your sisters! Home does not have to be the house your mom was a part of, or where your roommate feels best at. Home should be where you would be happiest to run to your sisters on bid day!

Be Yourself- Don’t think you have to be the “sorority girl” you saw on Pinterest, or a model 4.0 student, or the most popular girl from your high school to be a part of Greek life. We want to meet YOU, the best part of our sisterhood is the diversity. We have sisters with all different strengths and weaknesses; math comes easy to some, and writing for others. Some are talented artist, and some rock it out on the intramural sports field. We are excited to meet you for all your personality and quirks so don’t try to hide them!

Don’t forget to take a deep breath, and remember, we are just as nervous to meet all of you. We can't wait to show you how much we love our sisterhood!

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